Fly Fishing and Custom Flies

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4.5 Pound Largemouth

Bird of Fly Tying Paradise (9" x 8")

Nest of Ants and Wasps

Scarab and Wood beetles (3/4" - 2")

Tarantula (4" x 5") After a Large Wood Beetle

Black Widow and Banana Spider Flies on web

Pair of 2 Inch Rhino Beetles

4" Regal Moth Caterpillars

Three Inch Wooly Worm Flies

Robin and Lion Fish

Four Inch Fighting Praying Mantis Flies


30" Gar on an Orvis One

Marc and Clarke Seeing Red

Jeff's Fancy Longear

Brace of Trout

My 18' Canoe

Rolling a New One on the Water

Sniffing Out Bass

A No Kill Policy?

Sleeping Dark Dun

T&T Bamboo and Gar

Bonnet Carre Largemouth

Jeff Sympson and a "Typical Bass Stringer

Reddie and Me Fly Tying

My Best Friend

Six Pound Bowfish

Nitty's Favorites