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In the way of an opening note, as many of my local friends and fellow Federation members know, our property in Folsom suffered substantial flooding (two feet), on March 11, 2016. We had 17” of rain and both my tying studio located in our residence and my wife’s weaving and spinning studio (a separate stand-alone building) were essentially total losses requiring complete renovation/restoration. The flood ranged between two and five feet deep on our property; it was flowing faster than a very fast moving trout stream. My loses included rods, all types of materials, hooks, books and both fishing flies and collectable flies. Well, its now four months later, the great majority of that renovation work is complete and we both have reopened our studios. Updated photographs of the new studio may be found clicking the below link. My studio as it is now, is basically a work in progress and will be changed and re-adapted as time goes by.....NEWS FLASH!.....WE FLOODED A SECOND TIME this one in mid AUGUST. 2016....not as bad as the first flood but we still had to gut the weaving studio again and another foot or so was in the house....we expect to be moved back in around mid October.

So, i'll continue with the website.....I have been involved in all aspects of fly fishing for 50 years.  I'm a  life member  of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, an IFFF Master Certified / Orvis Endorsed Casting Instructor and a master level fly dresser / designer.  My "expertise" is in life like insect and aquatic life flies and custom "monumental" flies (over 12" ) for collectors and exhibits.

The photographs below represent recent fly fishing adventures, including Jeff Sympson with one of his Rat Reds, some of my large flies and places we've gone go. Also included is a recently completed project to tie 40 Carrie Stevens style streamer patterns (originals and new designs); "insect flies" that are part of a collection of specific insect flies tied for The New Orleans Audubon Institute's Insectarium, a PDF of Tom's Recent Insects and Caterpillars under the "Resume and Articles button". There are PDF documents containing photos of other new flies and instructions for tying recently published flies, links to detail photographs relating to my recent casting and fly fishing articles in the Federaton's - FLYFISHER MAGAZINE, (2007 - 2016) as well as action photos of various "Friends and Family of the Enterprise". Also, check out the Owls Page, containing neat close-ups of Barred Owls fishing for crabs and bass in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. All rights to photography and articles in this website are reserved by Tom Tripi and Jeff Sympson.

Also note that an up to date index and photographs recent of my newest large insect flies my be found on the Pinterest site under Tom Tripi - Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Studio.

Although mostly a "Fly Fishing" web site, I've included pages relating to my other passions, astromomy (and Birding) and landscape photography. The Astronomy Page includes photos of my equipment and work areas as well as astro photography of our dark Folsom sky .

Please note that all insect, shrimp, crab, caterpillar, Bird of Fly Tying Paradise and tropical fish flies are available for purchase. Each is a "one of a kind fly", i. e., no two Crab Flies, although tied similar, are identical, each has unique materials and tying characteristics. Custom designs and colors are available for all flies. Please email me for pricing and shipping information.

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Many of you knew Nitty, better known as "Schnitzel", sometimes "The Nits" or while on the water, "Killer" or "The Schnitzinnator". He was the official Mascot and "Spokes-Dog" for this website for many years. Nitty passed away on April 5, 2012 and now is resting on the banks of the big pond in Folsom. Nitty was there for many of the big bass we landed as well as seeing a few large gators, heck, one even chased him along the bank of a bayou. Knowing Nitz for 12 years, I know he still would reserve all rights for himself, to himself. And i'm sure that he will always require that we maintain and adhere to a strict no kill policy. That was his way......

CONTACT INFORMATION: Tom Tripi, 79434 Delaune Road, Folsom, Louisiana, USA, 70437..... tom@tomtripi.com.....(504) 451-9235 (Cell) or (985) 796-8048 (home)